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Orbital welding

Orbitaal lassenPrecisely welded joints

Orbital welding is the fully automatic TIG welding process that it is particularly used for welding round tubes and pipes and where the quality of welds is extremely high.. Orbital welding means that the welding arc turns 360 degrees round the tubes resulting in a perfect weld “fill” and a smooth inner weld seam. The technique can be applied to both thin and thick walled piping systems. This makes orbital welding ideal for the food industry and the process is becoming increasingly important in how we run our company.



Continuity of quality

We possess state of the art equipment for orbital welding. Correct setting of the system means that he welding process can be precisely reproduced to maintain the continuity of the quality of the welded products. Our certified staff know precisely how they should set the parameters for each individual welding task. We can carry out orbital welding for you expertly, on location or for prefab in our workshop.


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